Tamir Bayarsaikhan – Photographer

This is what Tamir Bayarsaikhan wrote in his application:

“Tamir Bayarsaikhan is a Mongolian outdoor photographer. He tries to express delicate relationship between man and nature in his photos. From his photos, demeanor of nature, real motion rhythm, lighting, sync of various colors can be perceived. Travel is a major part of his life; he is able to open his world from every travel he makes. We are surrounded by beautiful environment which has own aestheticism and tune of beauties. Even so people always rush with all their speed to somewhere and overlook all those allurement. But I reckon, everybody has ability to glance at scenery and depicture quintessence of our surroundings if they stop for a moment and look around it. Photography offers me to tarry in the moment, during this moment I lose orientation of interspace and time in order to catch and express those instant moments. To delineate and to take photos that includes all experiences learn from life, knowledge from others and evaluate own perception is a gift from God.”