Michaela Knizova – visual artist

“I am working with photography and post-photography though I occasionally meander into video and performance art. My photographic pictures are composed like paintings, mental compositions that I perpetuate with my cameras. Impressions and expressions are the most important factors. My way of working is very intuitive. I am constantly looking for inspiring places, for places with some kind of history and for places that evoke some more or less precise associations. I insert myself into these settings with requisites or only my body, I explore my associations and let myself be guided by the place, the circumstances and my intuition. Collaborations with models and other artists work in the same intuitive and free way for me.                                                        At this moment I am working on an open ended series consisting of instant Instax photographies. The series is based on a personal mythology and uses archetypes of different sorts.”  http://michaelaknizova.com